Sunday, July 13, 2008

a to z Cookies special for kids goody bag, give them this cookies, it's healthier, fun, let them to spell their own name with this cookies (price IDR 80.000 /500 grams )
Blueberry Cookies it's special for Ied Fitri and Christmas event, sour and sweet cookies, sensational taste (price IDR 80.000/500 grams)
Cappucino Balls for Coffee lovers, it's delicious suitable for ied or X,as events (price IDR 80.000/500 grams)

Choco Cheese Choco and Cheese, perfect combine...(price IDR 80.000 / 500 grams)

Choco Chip Kids Cookies lover, more and more..and they always said more...! (price IDR 80.000 /500 grams)

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