Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kaastengels it's home made recipes, feel the different..won't be regret most wanted (price IDR 85.000 / 500 grams)
Putri Salju it's still from our home made recipes you'll find a new of our best cookies and most wanted (price IDR 85.000 / 500 grams)

Stick Cookies still for your special kids, goody bag will healthier and colorfull (price IDR 15.000/stick)

Strawberry Cookies Perfect match for blueberry cookies..Ied will be unforgetable with this cookies (Price IDR 80.000 / 500 grams)

Sugar Cookies Fancy, sweet, delicious for your Holly X-mas (price IDR 80.000 / 500 gram)
Chocolate Cookies Chocolate??? never say no for chocolate(price IDR 80.000 / 500 grams)

Coffee Blast Cookies again..we dedicate this cookies for you coffee lovers, workaholic who needs cookies to cheers up your busy day (price IDR 85.000)

Crunchy Cashew Nut Cookies So Crunchy, combine with sesame..make this cookies so perfect (price IDR 85.000)

Ginger Cookies Xmas special events, feels like at home makes you miss your childhood (price IDR 80.000)

Jamaica Fancy Cookies Still Chocolate as my favorite cookies..unforgetable..(price IDR 85.000)
a to z Cookies special for kids goody bag, give them this cookies, it's healthier, fun, let them to spell their own name with this cookies (price IDR 80.000 /500 grams )
Blueberry Cookies it's special for Ied Fitri and Christmas event, sour and sweet cookies, sensational taste (price IDR 80.000/500 grams)
Cappucino Balls for Coffee lovers, it's delicious suitable for ied or X,as events (price IDR 80.000/500 grams)

Choco Cheese Choco and Cheese, perfect combine...(price IDR 80.000 / 500 grams)

Choco Chip Kids Cookies lover, more and more..and they always said more...! (price IDR 80.000 /500 grams)